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Presidents Report

E-mail Address: 1regencytower@gmail.com

June 29, 2017

Board President Eileen Bendisí
Message to Members

President Eileen Bendis
Pres. Eileen Bendis
I canít believe itís July already! It has been so hot the past couple of months, I canít imagine how hot the next couple of months will be!

Drain Repair on South Parking Deck
Drain Repair on South Parking Deck
A lot has been going on in the building as you probably heard and have seen. A drain pipe in the southwest corner of the garage cracked and, in order to replace it, we had to cut through the driveway pavers--quite a job and quite a number: almost $10,000! We are erecting a wall around our emergency generator and installing a window to keep it vented and cool. It will run more efficiently and much longer in the event of an emergency. We were very smart in replacing the old one last year, if I do say so myself.

New Regency Tower Balcony
Regency Tower Balcony
It is time that we must take corrective action to the outside of our building. As many of you are aware, the paint is chipping, chunks of concrete are falling and the railings are peeling. In the past few years we have been patching and patching, which has been very expensive. A few months ago, we had an engineer check every balcony and issue a report of his findings. We are now ready to have a committee formed, under the watchful and experienced eyes of Eric Berkowitz, to get bids and get the ball rolling on our next project: concrete restoration. It will be painful and inconvenient, but it is a necessity. So, prepare yourself and your wallet! I want to enlist volunteers, ideally ones who have experience as builders or contractors, and put their vast experience to good use. If you could review bids or contracts before we send them off to the attorney, please let me know.

Maintenance coupon
Maintenance coupon
By now I hope everyone has received their coupon books for paying quarterly maintenance. This is in response to many residents who requested being able to pay on line. Keep in mind that quarterly statements will no longer be mailed.

We are implementing a new communication tool; itís called ďConcierge PlusĒ. This specialized software will streamline many aspects of our condominiumís operations. The software provides for Package Tracking, Announcements, Incident Reporting, Service Requests, Amenity Bookings and Entry Instructions. We will also be installing a Digital Display Monitor in the mailroom. We are definitely moving into the 21st century thanks to our manager Andy and accountant Teresa!! It will take a while to input all the information, but Andy is on top of it and within the next few months, it will be up and running efficiently.

Staff Accountant Teresa Baker
Staff Accountant
Teresa Baker
Manager Andrew Surdovel
Andrew Surdovel
Andy has also been getting bids from window washing companies to wash all of the building windowsósomething that many of you have requested. The expense will be in next yearís budget. Also, we will budget to purchase more chairs and umbrellas for the beach. Please be sure that, if you use the chairs that we have now, you return them back to the sand dune. Remember, itís first come, first served. Itís not fair to take all seven and reserve them for friends who will come down in a few hours. Be respectful!

Sometime during the 2nd or 3rd week in July we are going to have a shredding truck at the building. This will be a good opportunity for you to clear out those old files.

BTW, did you know we have a beautifully refurbished Game Room?

Well, for those of you up North, enjoy your summer and, for those who are here, keep your eyes to the sky and stay safe and, in high winds, protect your property.

Eileen Bendis

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