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Presidents Report

E-mail Address: regencytower@yahoo.com

April 24, 2017

Board President Eileen Bendis’
Message to Members

President Eileen Bendis
Pres. Eileen Bendis
The ‘season’ is over and I feel we made it through pretty much unscathed, even with occasional bumps and bruises. The redecorating is almost complete and I must say it surpassed my expectations. Even those against it have had a change of heart and have complimented the committee and the board. Thank you

New Manager Andrew “Andy” Surdovel
New Manager
Andrew “Andy” Surdovel
I would like to welcome our new manager, Andrew “Andy” Surdovel. Please introduce yourself and welcome him to our association. I feel he will be a great asset to our team.

It is time that we must take corrective action to the outside of our building. As many of you are aware, the paint is chipping, chunks of concrete are falling and the railings are peeling. In the past few years we have been patching and patching, which has been very expensive. A few months ago, we had an engineer check every balcony and issue a report of his findings. We are now ready to have a committee formed, under the watchful and experienced eyes of Eric Berkowitz, to get bids and get the ball rolling on our next project: concrete restoration. It will be painful and inconvenient, but it is a necessity. So, prepare yourself and your wallet! I want to enlist volunteers, ideally ones who have experience as builders or contractors, and put their vast experience to good use. If you could review bids or contracts before we send them off to the attorney, please let me know.

New Regency Tower Balcony
Regency Tower Balcony
There is no question that there are certain people who are not well suited to living in any deed-restricted community with all its requisite rules. It is believed that rules governing how people must use and maintain their property help to support property values and ensure that no individual unit or neighbor drags down the investment of the other owners. In a condominium, it would be nearly impossible for neighbors to live in such close proximity, sharing many of the common facilities, without some rules governing the behavior of residents and the way facilities may be used. In addition, rules are required to govern the shared expenses that are an essential element of condominium living. Not limited to parking, moving, pool, elevators, hours of operation, rules exist and everyone living at the Regency Tower signed a “contract” stating that they have read, understand and will abide by them. Please adhere to them.

Trash Chute
Trash Chute
An incident and, hopefully, a lesson learned. Loose debris is not to be tossed down the trash chute. This includes carpets, pizza boxes, renovation debris, etc. We recently had a repair (costing several thousand dollars) due to the thoughtlessness of a unit owner or a worker for a unit owner whose rubbish jammed the chute. The chute is ONLY for bagged garbage.

Crime has come to the Galt Ocean Mile! Yes, our little enclave has had some very serious crime this month. On April 1st, a lady was walking on the sidewalk with two friends at 11:00 p.m. and, between our building and the Galt Ocean Club, two men dressed in black with hoodies on grabbed her purse and ran. Then on April 14th, a security guard from Playa del Sol was moving his car from the building to park across the street when two men approached him with a gun and knife and stole his belongings and his car. The police have increased their presence on the Galt and we are now talking to other buildings about additional cameras on the Galt, coordinating this effort with the police department. Please, BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!! Do not take anything for granted. When going out, take identification (with your local address on it) with you so that, in the event that anything happens to you, people will know where you live.

On a final note, the Air and Sea Show is being held on May 6 and 7. If you are expecting guests, please be sure they come in the front door and register their cars. Even though the show will be scaled back compared to prior years, we expect to get quite a crowd. Please respect your neighbors and enjoy the day.

Thank you for your support this year for me and the board; we appreciate it.

Eileen Bendis

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