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Employee Profile

E-mail Address: 1regencytower@gmail.com

The Regency Tower Crew During the Employees Holiday Party of 2017
The Regency Tower Crew During the Employees Holiday Party of 2017


Kande Lewandowski
(Building Manager)

Kande's Family
Kande. Mark and the boys
September 8, 2011 - A Michigan native who moved to Florida with Husband Mark and three sons in 1999, Kandaleah “Kande” Lewandowski began at Regency Tower as the association's in-house staff accountant. Balancing a challenging career and a young family, Kande once commented, “My husband Mark and I have three wonderful perfectly healthy boys, Derrick who is 13, Drew who is 10, and Dustin who is 18 months.” After migrating south, the Lewandowski clan planted roots in the Boynton Beach area – where Mark was born and raised. Initially introduced by Uncle Sam, Kande and Mark met while serving in the Army!

Click to Kings Point Website Since arriving in South Florida, Kande has aggressively cultivated her skills in the property management field. She worked at Kings Point of Delray Beach, a senior community with 12,087 people living in 7,201 homes near Linton Boulevard and Jog Road in Delray. She was also employed by the Boca Highland Center, Inc. at 4801 S. Ocean Boulevard (A1A) in Highland Beach.

Staff Accountant Kande Lewandowski
Building Manager
Kande Lewandowski
Kande has always reached out to Regency Tower residents and employees. Her initial reports and updates to unit owners all carried the same invitation: "If you happen to see me, please don’t hesitate to stop and introduce yourself. It’s always nice to put a face with a name/unit." Dedicated and well organized, Kande added a new dimension to the office. Her accomplishments included resolving years of recording inconsistencies, reviving and collecting a truckload of neglected receivables, streamlining office procedures and - in consultation with the Treasurer - a soup-to-nuts reorganization of association finances.

When faced with replacing the former Manager in 2014, Kande was the Board's logical choice. After further demonstrating her capabilities during a brief term as Interim Manager, Kande opened her tenure as Manager by injecting structure into maintenance and security protocols, establishing a competitive vendor environment, reorganized and clarified staffing responsibilities, and decisively addressed administrative obstacles. While continuously inspecting the premises, she repaired or replaced scores of aging structural, plumbing and drainage elements. By welcoming anyone burdened by an association issue, and treating everyone with respect, Kande earned the trust of unit owners, employees, tenants and guests. By gaining ground on fast eroding building components, ratcheting up our quality of life and palpably enhancing staff productivity, she also earned our confidence - and gratitude.


The Regency Tower Security Crew
The Regency Tower Security Team is one of the neighborhood's most effective.
It's just not easy to get them into the same room at the same time.


The Regency Tower Maintenance Crew
Regency Tower Maintenance Crew (Left to Right) - Charlie Davis (Maintenance Chief)
Marcelin Prudent, Michael Morley, Emmanes Tarius, Rocky Edouard and Freddie Jimenez

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