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Board of Directors

E-mail Address: 1regencytower@gmail.com

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary
Eileen Bendis Eric Peter
 Steve Faigin Fern McBride
 Director Director Director 
 Abe Ben-Aviv Richard Robins Eugene Sicoli 

2016 - 2017 Schedule of Board Meetings

  • Thursday, May 9, 2016 - 11:00 am (Special Meeting - Fiscal Housekeeping)
  • Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 11:00 am (Special Assessment Meeting - Common Area Upgrades)
  • December 12, 2016 - 6 p.m. (Budget Meeting Board Vote)

2017 Board Meetings

  • Monday, March 20, 2017 - 6:30 pm (Annual Members Meeting / Elections)
  • Monday, April 24, 2017 - 4:00 pm (Special Meeting - Fiscal Housekeeping)
  • Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 4:00 pm (Special Meeting - New Manager, Fiscal Housekeeping)

  • Monday, November 20, 2017 - 7 p.m. (Budget Review Meeting )
  • Monday, December 11, 2017 - 7 p.m. (Budget Approval Meeting Board Vote)

Meetings will be posted when scheduled.

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Office Hours

OPEN: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Board President
Eileen Bendis

Building Manager
Andrew “Andy” Surdovel

Christine Rome

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Regency Tower Board, Residents & Employees Pulling together

C.A. Day in Tallahassee

March 30, 2005

On Wednesday, March 30, 2005 at 6:00 AM, 21 Galt Mile residents met at Fort Lauderdale International Airport to board a flight to Tallahassee. Altogether, over 100 condominium owners from Broward and Palm Beach Counties prepared to join another 200 homeowners from all over Florida in the State Capitol. Far from a pleasurable trek through the halls of State government, over 300 homeowners journeyed to the Capitol because their way of life is once again being threatened. Residents took time off from their jobs and various commitments to join hundreds of other condominium owners from around the state.

The group expected to accomplish multiple objectives. They intended to clarify to their elected officials that claims made by a self-serving political coalition about “condo problems” were creative distortions. The legislative “answers” proposed by this coalition were designed to destabilize Association operations, skyrocket maintenance expense, dismantle the condominium system throughout the state and replace self-governance with government controls. They arrived “en masse” to make clear that the purveyors of the “Condo Killer” bills spoke only for themselves, not the “silent majority” of homeowners throughout Florida. Their message was that they were capable of governing their own homes.

As the group meandered through the House and Senate Offices, they were easily identified by their t-shirts with the words “Community Association Day” emblazoned across the front in bright red letters. The Galt Mile registered the second largest representative contingent in the State of Florida. Of the substantial Galt Mile group, there were more residents from Regency Tower than any of our sister Associations on the Galt!

To read about the event in its entirety, Click Here!

March 15, 2006

While the “Condo Killer” bills were defeated as a result of a landslide of opposition by condo owners in 2005, the bills’ sponsors left too much “on the table” to cease trying to gain control over every condo association in the State. They have revived the “Condo Killer” bills again in 2006. Concerned condo owners repeated last year’s demonstration in Tallahassee to oppose House Bill 1227 and Senate Bill 2570, this year’s version of the “Condo Killer” legislation. Again, Regency Tower was well represented in this critically important effort to protect our home, our investment and our rights. To read about the March 15, 2006 “Community Association Day” event in Tallahassee, Click Here! To help protect our rights, Click Here!

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Letters to the Board

October 6, 2008

Web Site

Thanks again for posting the Board meetings, committee reports, etc on the Regency Tower web site.

Thank You

Dave Olson (Unit # 1510)

March 14, 2007

To All Board Members

Pat & I want to pass on a vote of thanks to you our board members for doing an outstanding job for the owners at Regency Tower. We are so pleased to learn that the board will remain intact for the coming year.

We attended last night's meeting but had to leave at 8:30 due to another commitment. Let it be said that we considered the question period to have been a disgrace. Eric & other board members handled things very well. We know that the great majority of owners are appreciative of the fine work you do. Do not be discouraged by a few who have other agendas or are ignorant of the proper means of addressing individual concerns.

We have 2 suggestions that might make life easier in the future.

  1. Limit debate on any issue raised at question period to 5 minutes with a limit of 1 minute for any one owner to speak and allow each person to speak only once.

  2. Each year during the winter season hold a seminar for interested owners with a guest expert on condominium law to answer any questions that owners may have. The guest might also give a short talk on 1 or 2 aspects of condominium ownership. We believe that this opportunity would give owners a chance to vent their questions or concerns to an independent expert and defuse a lot of the potential misunderstandings that can so easily occur.

Thanks again for your dedication to what sometimes can be a thankless job.

Pat & Mike Martin (Unit # 1101)

February 23, 2007

Web Site

We would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the fine job that you have done as editor of the Regency Tower Website. It is always our first stop whenever we need an answer to a question or to obtain the most up to date information about our building or community. It is consistently well written, comprehensive and user friendly. We know that this is no small task and we appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

Thank You

John Samourides & Gary Harrow (Unit # 1909)

August 8, 2006

Web Site

You do a great job with the web site. So informative and up to date.

Thank You

Dave Olson (Unit # 1510)

May 25, 2006

Directors, Staff and Volunteers

I appreciate all the good efforts of staff, volunteers and our Board in making the Regency Tower a great place to vacation and live.

Dave Olson (Unit # 1510)

April 15, 2006

Dear Dott & All Board Members

As we prepare to leave after three great months we just wanted to communicate a word of thanks to you for continuing to do such a superb job in your role as board members. The owners of condos at Regency Tower are extremely fortunate to have a highly competent proactive group of people who dedicate so many hours of their time to making this such a good place to have a home.

Thank you for your dedication. We look forward to seeing you all upon our return next fall.

Pat & Mike Martin (Unit # 1101)

February 14, 2006

Longtime Pool Maintenance Specialist Jim Edmiston Prefers new Security Position Timetable
Jim Edmiston
To Regency Tower (Letters to the Editor),

After several years of working at a neighboring condo, I started working at the Regency nine (9) years ago as a part-time Pool Attendant and Maintenance Helper. Shortly after starting my employment, the pool position became available full-time. This was a perfect fit for me, since I had done this job before.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last nine (9) years and now find it necessary to work part-time. I eagerly look forward to more good years in my new position as Security Guard.

Jim Edmiston
New Security Guard formerly of Maintenance

January 25, 2006


I am emailing to thank you and all of the board members for your work in passing the amendment to our Condo Documents requiring the installation of Hurricane Impact Windows by June 1st of this year. John and I applaud your efforts in accomplishing this to better protect our building, the residents, and to assist in minimizing increases to our ever escalating insurance premiums.

We appreciate how much research and hard work went into the achievement. Thanks! Hope to see you during our next brief visit in February.

- Regards -

(Christopher Henry and John Mulqueen - Unit # 1708)

January 11, 2006


Thanks for all the hard work on the website. I appreciate it. I am looking forward to the updates in the hallways.

Dave Olson (Unit # 1510)

November 4, 2005

“What a great Job You are Doing!”

Chuck and I want to express our deepest appreciation for all the foresight, planning and hard work that this board has demonstrated! Your energy and efforts have been truly amazing, as results of recent events have clearly proven.

Unfortunately, we are not able to get to Fort Lauderdale very often, and with sadness have closely followed the coverage on the hurricanes’ devastation this season. We know this has been a very difficult time and there is surely much work left to do in the aftermath. We feel very blessed that we have such wonderful people looking over the Regency!

We will be down next week and will try to extend our appreciation to each of you in person.

Pat Radtke (Unit # 1106)

P.S. The website is absolutely awesome! It is a great way for us to be able to feel connected.

November 1, 2005

To all Board Members, Volunteer Residents, and Staff who helped out during Wilma,

Thank you SOOO much for all the work you did during the horrendous hurricane of last week!!!!

We will be down next week and will try to extend our appreciation to each of you in person.

Christopher Henry and John Mulqueen (Unit # 1708)

October 31, 2005

What a great piece on Hurricane Wilma. Just wanted to thank you. It is so informative and welcomed.

We were so very happy to hear that The Regency Tower sustained minimal damage. It seems that the Impact Windows and the great Team-Effort of the Administration and the Residents were responsible for such a success.

Just wanted to thank you for such a great article. I hope this encourages the few that held out for Impact Windows now encourages them to change their windows for their own safety and the rest of the residents.


Carol Rosselli (Unit # 1201)

October 30, 2005

Dear Board of Directors,

Thank you for the great response in taking care of our safety. You spent hours running around to make sure we were safe. I could mention names but they know who they are. I have never seen such union of people. It was great.

Thank You!

Bob & Margie Nagle (Unit # 911)

October 30, 2005

Maintenance Department, Regency Tower: Johnny, George, Ed, James and Montcalm; plus Pablo, Eric and Joe,

We would personally like to thank each and every one of you for your unrelentless help and devotion in getting our building back together after Hurricane Wilma. Your extra hours and positive attitude was very much appreciated.

It seemed to take only a few hours before our pool was emptied, cleaned and refilled. You guys are terrific! The grounds have been cleaned of debris faster than a speeding bullet!

Checking each floor and apartment and then making sure our generators were working properly, so that we might have elevators, was a job most appreciated. There were no bosses, everyone worked together as one.

Teamwork is what it is all about and you guys are the greatest team of all. The Regency Tower could easily set the standard for the rest of the Galt Ocean Drive.

Thank you,

Eileen Bendis & Morley Elton (Unit # 806 & Unit # 1010)

September 27, 2005

Dear Dott,

Thank you very much for the “heads-up” on my water filtration system issue. It is much appreciated.

Also, thank you for your tireless efforts in making Regency Tower one of the best (if not the best) buildings on the mile. I am so happy to live here & grateful that our building is so well-managed.

Your energy and level of caring is a rarity in this world.

All the Best,

Margaret Thompson (Unit # 907)

December 2004

Dear Dott,

We wish to tell you how much we appreciate the tremendous accomplishments that you and your Board of Directors have achieved during your reign.

We thank you. But our greatest “thank you” is for being our friend during a difficult year for Thalia.

Ted & Thalia Parker (Unit # 1502)

May 1, 2004

Regency Tower Board of Directors
Dott Brown - President

I write to thank you as well as the team who serve on the Board of Directors. I remain impressed with your leadership with regard to the preservation of standards, as well as the maintenance of the structure, personnel and “software”, all of which go to the overall wellbeing of the Regency Tower. Our home at the Regency is also our investment; we realize that absent proper and continuous management, the quality of the home and investment can diminish rapidly.

Prior to purchasing at the Regency Tower, I reviewed over forty (40) condominiums from North Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. One very constant theme that I observed in the buildings that were on the “decline” was a weak Board of Directors or one which was not engaged as to the inter-working of the building and the dynamics of “getting things done”. Absent an active and committed Board, the investment diminishes. This is not dissimilar to monitoring a financial portfolio or one’s own personal health; attention to the details is essential. It has been said that “little hinges swing big doors,” meaning great importance is in the small details.

I commend your passion and leadership to make The Regency Tower the best possible building and facilities on the Galt. We also want to commend the interest, commitment, sacrifice and “sweat equity” that all of the other Board members consistently lend to this building. I often have observed Iris Anastasi, Fern McBride and Louise Collins giving inordinate amounts of their time to enhance and protect all of our investments. Eric Berkowitz’s contribution and counsel regarding the construction and maintenance of this building is nothing short of “priceless”. The remaining Board members - I have not met, however, I appreciate their contributions and service.

Summarily, I realize that the Board decisions are the result of a vote by all Board members, however we desire to thank you for your diligence and commitment to ensuring the proper guidance and leadership required to maintain the value and uniqueness of The Regency Tower. Your presence and counsel is greatly appreciated.

Dave & Debi Tinsley (Unit # 602)


Dear Dott and Crew,

You are all doing such an outstanding job for our building and I thank your from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the good work.

God Bess you All
Anne Petroe (Unit # 709)

December 17, 2003

For the Regency Board,

As an owner of a condominium I have to let you know how proud I am living here. The building is beautifully decorated inside and out and all other appointments are in very good taste. The Thanksgiving decorations were unusual and our building was the only one to have them. The Christmas tree and the Chanukah lights are timely and very festive. The outside of the building’s color plus the railings and the dubonnet lettering on the signs and the pavers all add up to the beauty of the building.

Keep up the good work!

Shirley Appleman (Unit # 502)

December 22, 2003

To the Board of Directors of "The Regency Tower"

Ofelia and I wish to express our sincere appreciation an gratitude for the excellent work to bring our building to the highest point of elegance and standard of living in the Galt Mile. As owners we feel proud to live in "The Regency Tower." At the same time wishing a very----very Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy prosperous Year 2004.

Rafael & Ofelia Alleguez (Unit # 1910)


Ode to the Board

You must congregate, concentrate, considerate, deliberate, communicate, delegate, designate, motivate, enunciate, punctuate and even officiate and validate.

Our building must not disintegrate or it will depreciate.
Therefore you must renovate and rejuvenate.

When you make budgets you must: anticipate, approximate, estimate, calculate, evaluate, enumerate, consolidate, collate, eliminate, negotiate and even renegotiate.

In doing all these duties you must not: alienate, aggravate, discriminate, dictate, irritate, intimidate, manipulate, procrastinate or pontificate.

And all the unit owners have to do is:

participate, cooperate and appreciate!!!!

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